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Downloadable Software

Labwatch 1.0 Labwatch (ver 1.0) - A simple real-time oximeter monitoring program. Requires an Ohmeda 3700/3740 oximeter in either/both Com1 or Com2. Displays O2 sat% & pulse rate for each device. Allows remote setting of alarm parameters and alarm silence.  Great for sleep labs, small ICU's or isolation units.
Ohmeda (ver 1.0) Simple utility for downloading the pulse oximeter 8 hour trend memory. The memory dump is in an ASCII string format. Demographic information editting has been added to keep track of data identity. E-mail here and specify software to be mailed and of course your address.
Remote.exe The Remote Oximetry Analysis Program.An advanced version of the Ohmeda download prgram. Once installed it will download the contents of the Ohmeda memory 3740, allow you to edit the data and then compress the data. The compressed data file can then be e-mailed to ROAP where it will be un-compressed, analyzed and returned by mail or fax to the sender. This is an experimental process in the Beta testing phase.

Flat earth SOFTware,  1/1/98.