Resources for The Medical Year 2000 Problem

NSTL Home of the YMARK2000 testing sofwtare. Tests the PC clock at a BIOS level. The most accutrate way to test PC's.. Also contains lists of compliant computers
Baxter Medical IV Pumps or any other device from Baxter, and theres a lot.
Bayer Diagnostics Hematology, chemistry, immunodiagnostics and urinalysis devices
BiomedY2K A private full Y2K solution company that will organize your problem for you. Call centers, lists.
Datex-Ohmeda Monitors, Information management and anesthesia devices. A must for surgical units.
Mallinckrodt for all Nellcor, Puritan-Bennett, Aequitron and Infrasonics devices.
GE Medical Nuclear med, Cat scanners, MRI's. Big stuff and big solutions
Hewlett Packard Massive site listing all the inventory ever made.
IBM Another MEGA site that has a JAVA search engine to look up any IBM device.
Kodak Medical Radiology laser printers, processors, loaders, Digital Science interafces, Ektascan, XRite, Jamieson, Lanex
3M 3M is a major parnet company that has many products under its Y2K umbrella
Marquette Cardiology monitoring, adult, neonatal, fetal.
Siemens Another Mega site for Radiology, Nuclear Med, Cat scan, MRI, Monitoring, Rolm phones
Spacelabs Spacelabs, The monitor people come up with a free fix, If you order soon enough
FDA The FDA's searchable database or downloadable lists for the Y2K status on hundreds of medical devices.
HCFA Health Care Financing Administration. Building a Y2K conversion cost estimate. uses $/LOC {line of code} methods. No medical devices, more for IS
Canadian Therapeutic Products Lesser size database but may have hard to find companies
Medical Devices Agency British all-around Y2K site. Has foreign listings such as Aloka and other European/Japanese sites.
Nat. Institute of Health Another gov't effort too late, too little. Does have a listserv facility though!
N.I.S.T. Links to the GSA website but contains some handy programs for Y2K analysis, especially older COBOL type databses. Utilities that scan source code for date references.
THANKS EJGH This page was assembled from public web materials supplied by the Year 2000 Pproject at East Jefferson General Hospital
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